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Who I am

My name is Fernando Guillen. I was born in a small city in the North of Spain on 1976. In recent years, I have lived in several capitals around three continents. I am currently living in Majorca, an small island in the Mediterranean.

My academic background is half technical and half artistic, but most of my skills have been built from experience. I have worked in web development for a long time, and continue to learn and develop my skills in the craft... I am still loving it.

I'm a cabinetmaker of the web development.

What I do

I do high quality ad-hoc web applications back-side development.

What I don't do

Although I love beautiful things, I used to design my own pet-projects and consider myself a creative person, I am not a professional graphic designer. I don't do professional web design. Amongst other things because I'm not good on it. If you don't know who ask to for the graphic side of your project I can recommend some excellent designers from my contacts.

I don't do multi-purpose CMS integration. For many clients, a generic software solution is the best answer. These are readily available, often free, from the Internet, and I don't do this kind of work. I am where an unique solution is needed.

What I offer is not a commodity, I can offer nothing to you if what you want is something that any programmer can do.

Why hire me

I'm not a competitive professional, I will honestly say whether or not if I would be the best person for your project. If I am not I can refer you to some more suitable colleagues.

As I don't offer fixed estimates, I can accommodate client decision changes. I can make changes quickly and easily.

I use the most productive web development tools so I can produce better results faster.

Although my speciality is the back-end development, I have a good knowledge, in some fields more than others, of every phase and layer of web development. Functionality analysis, team management, usability decisions, XHTML/CSS, front development (JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5), servers configuration and maintenance, databases, etc...

I am in regular contact with high level professionals in the same field of work, and we offer each other mutual support, so there is always a solution to be found.

My main concern is client satisfaction. I have never left a client in the lurch, and so far as I am aware, have never had a dissatisfied client.

How to hire me

There are a few things I need before I can say if I'm the appropriate person to solve your development needs:

I also would like to know something about you and the team you are representing, to get to know the people I'll be working with is very important to me.

How I work

I work on weekly milestone, daily activity reports, full and continuos contact with the client.

I usually work remotely, but personal meetings are possible if we decide they will offer something valuable and productive for the project.

What is my budget

I don't offer fixed price or a fixed time for the development of the whole project, but depending on the provided mock-ups, the desired timing and the available budget I can offer you an estimation.

Depending on the intensity and time-scale of the project, my weekly rate for a part-time dedication would be around 950€ plus taxes. If the project requires exclusive dedication or working outside normal hours, the fee would be increased accordingly.

Even the simplest web service needs at least 4 to 6 weeks development, and cannot be started until I have finished any work in hand. The great majority of projects take about 8 weeks until a public beta version is released, and 4 weeks more of fixing and stabilizing the whole functionality of the project.

If personal meetings are necessary, travel and accommodation costs will be added to the next invoice.

Payments to be made weekly.

Where my digital trail is

You can find more about me on my website, read things that I think on my blog, see things I have seen on my flickr, follow my twitts, check out my open-source code, take a look at my professional projects portfolio and also my, sometimes stupid but always loved, pet-projects.