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Fernando Guillén

Freelance Web Developer

cabecera decorativa

Contact with me if you need my skills, my un-skills doesn't interfere too much and you think I will like what you are up to.



I learned everything I know and I continue learning in a non-academic way. Although I love to attend classrooms with a teacher who teachs me, I have had to take almost every thing from Internet, books and community members talks.

Work, independence and self-management.

Professional Experience

I started as an independent developer in 2002 and in 2005 I founded a lovely web development company, in 2007 we were 8 persons on the team and several people outside.

Playing the role of Director of Technology and Project Manager for 3 fantastic years who gave me freedom to demand the quality and taste for well done work.

I have been always working as independent developer, it has made me understand the client side.

Organization, teamwork and customer skills.

Passionate Programmer

I love biting code lines, doing things that work, the logic exercises. Reference books or essays on the art of web development are often my bedside books.


I have not landed on the world of web development just because years ago I didn't choose well a career, I have come here for a natural choice because of the need to satisfy a concern.

I'm continuously participating in the open source community with my pet-projects.

I have had time to become in a very active member of the spanish web development community.

I haven't a job but a profession, a profession that encourages me, a profession I enjoy.


I come from the world of the visual arts and although there isn't so much I can say about that I have sensitivity to what is beautiful and original. I focus the software development as an art that requires ingenuity, creativity and passion.

Looking for the most elegant design, and for the humanity of the code always thinking that the code will be used, and read by people.


I am good at it, beyond the knowledge or experience, I have intuition. Intuition to recognize the cause of a problem, propose solutions, to anticipate what might be the best strategy, the best design and, of course, to discover where I was wrong and need reconstruction.


Although I only stand out in the design and development of software I use to manage with facility system administration, graphic design, front development and I have a lot of interest in web usability, accessibility and standards.



I have no formal education studies, I have been very selective in the studies, each time I have learnt what I thought more convenient to learn and I've never had interest in matters that don't inspire me, I haven't been always right.

My methodology is not academic. I only learn things if I find them interesting for me on a possible scenario.

Not too much Orthodox

Could be that some time I can not weak up early on the morning and not be able to wear this tie for the meeting.

I wary of confidential documents and long contract.


I can sometimes sin of pride and pig-headed.


Ignorant on advanced enterprise development concepts such: Web Services, SOAP, LDAP, SAP, EJB, Websphere, Oracle, ... And no any interest in learning them today.

Security Un-Carefully

If your project focuses on data security I am not the best.

Tastes and Preferences

Ad-hoc Developments

Projects that because their very personal characteristics required of an ad-hoc development and not any generic application or tool can be used.

Web Development

Here it is where I have more experience, applications that run on the Internet, with which an human is gonna be the end user.

Small Projects

That may be developed between 1 and 5 (good :D) programmers, whose budget is around 5.000€-40.000€ and whose first beta version can be launched within 2 or 3 months.

Fun and Challenging Projects

Intended to be used massively, can be showed, have repercussions on the web scene and add something interesting to the Internet.

Less is More

Adoration for simplicity.


My office is the most productive place, I have no problems with traveling to meetings even whole days, but most of my work will be developed close to my resources: books, machines, notes.

Open Knowledge

I would like to return to the community at least part of what I have gotten, if the project provides, explicit or implicitly, something to the Global Knowledge I will be more interested on it.

Interest in the Design

In an application that had to interact with people is very important the graphics and organization of information, a good web project should have a reserved budget exclusively to provide a professional web design that meets the tasks: usability, graphics and XHTM/CSS web coding.


I work much better and I find it funnier to work in a Linux or Mac OSX environments.


On this moment I am only interested to work on Ruby Projects.