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Fernando Guillén


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I am me and my circumstances.

Fernando Guillén's Biography

1976 (0 years old)

Born in Logroño (small Spanish city) inside a humble and warm family that will provide him support and protection throughout his whole life.

1990 (14 years old)

He has been showing, for a while, a sick interest for the design and prototyping of 'things that work', domino sequence homemade design structures. Something similar to what Americans have commercialize with the name of MouseTrap

He inherits the 64KB MSX from his cousin, he was fascinated for its power as an infernal funny logic pastime.

1991 (15 years old)

He devours MicroHobbys magazines and designs its first game based on sprites, he is frustrated because they run too slow.

1993 (17 years old)

He doesn't understand the secondary school, he doesn't feel motivated and he quit it.

1993-1997 (17-21 years old)

Four delicious years on the "School of Arts and Crafts" at Logroño where his creativity and his disregard for academic education is too much encouraged.

Several awards and mentions in local competitions of painting and illustration. Art exhibitions. Incursion on vanguards with transgressors taste with his beloved and friend Teodoro Hernandez.

Working at a design advertising agency as a creative assistant.

At the end of this period is when he decided that art scene does not satisfy him, he looks for new techniques and tools as artistic expression.

1995 (19 years old)

Train Tour around Europe with a mixed group of friends. An experience of austerity, torture, freedom and meetings.

Abandons the family home looking for an independence that he doesn't worth fighting with receives a few wallops of life.

1997 (21 years old)

Tries to reroute his studies to the IT and decides to start with the Polytechnic Institute of Electronic at Logroño. Learns and excels in the subjects that interest him, he doesn't even appear in which doesn't.

1997-2001 (21-25 years old)

Hires a local and opens a pub, the WalterClub that tries to be a meeting and diffusion place for creative people, it will become on his first business failure, even so three years will pass along with his partner Julian Lacalle of interesting, frustrating and rewarding social activity.

The WalterClub's cash register is connected to an AMD64 which is running a handmade bar manager application on a green phosphorus monitor.

The WalterClub becomes on one of the first Internet coffee in La Rioja: an old ISDN connection plugged to a pentium box and a recycled time controller coins machine.

1998 (22 years old)

One of the WalterClub's regular clients is an excellent, but a few self-destructive, old school developer. He is convince to introduce Fernando to the assembler language word for a few bucks and some drinks, invitations are on the house.

It is the beginning of the real fascination for programming period.

1999-2003 (23-27 years old)

Assiduous in the programmers zones on Lan Parties in Spain. He loves the Demoscene word, the programming of graphical effects and especially the sense of community that is beginning to notice: friendly people willing to share knowledge, forums, lists of news, chat.

2001 (25 years old)

Reroutes his vocation and finally travels to Madrid to go into a J2EE master where he learns that is better to learn in the streets of the Internet, in the corridors of the library and from the community of enthusiasts, that in a classroom.

2001 (25 years old)

He starts a programmers band call it "JavaMola!" (JavaRules!), a group of technology enthusiasts who get together to offer talks to each other, share knowledge, discuss points of view and do freak stuff in long sessions of pair-programming.

Is named as operator of the channel #java on the IRC.Hispano.

2002 (26 years old)

Someone from the JavaMola! community bites him with something calls Linux, which apparently is a whirlwind of fun. He manages to install a RedHat and configure a perfect development environment. Learning from the difficulty, he pass the test and falls in love.

The next evolutionary step was to Gentoo, and its packages system and dependencies management, and, above all, its documentation and community, makes him even happier. On 2008 he will catch the ecstasy enjoying the stability and ease of use of Ubuntu. On 2009 he will become into a Mac OSX user.

2003 (27 years old)

Develops several projects as a freelance entertainment and training, in addition to repeatedly reinvent the wheel with a persistence engine, an implementation of MVC pattern and a content manager system of his own harvest.

He participates for the first time in a Demoscene conquest on the EuskalParty 2003 Lan Party along with his partner Yuyah, with a 3D animation called Java Criatures Let us be clear: not too much professional. JavaCriatures ends on the 13th position of the classification, which is the same thing to say: the last. But that is not the important thing, the main point is that a 3D engine was implemented on a week and rewritten from scratch within 3 days, without any knowledge of how to perform this type of work, with a geometry knowledge rather basic and without sleep for several days.

Also develops a prototype of 2D platforms video game "Resident Pevil" with intelligent behavior of the enemies. Also try to experiment with the development of a network multiplayer game.

He works as a professor (Java, C, JavaScript) at several academies.

At this time he is known by the pseudonym d2clon.

2003 (27 years old)

Restores an old and noble looking flat to build a headquarter with the idea to set up a group of compulsive and enthusiastic of not only Java but computing in general, including Linux, of course. People willing to share knowledge.

The attempt was thwarted by legal issues but on the way he meets with groups of people already doing such activities and with interests very similar to him: the hacklabs.

2003 (27 years old)

He obtains the "Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP)".

2003 (27 years old)

He is found out from who lately will become on his partner Jesús Hurtado And he is joined on the Espasa Publishing Company development team to implement the virtual campus online of CEAC and HOME-ENGLISH, two very big companies on the distance education. A mammoth project where a team of 20 programmers which 75% worked outside of our borders was formed, first disappointment with the out-sourcing: the core team (5 people) had to rewrite every, function by function, implemented by external.

On this team he meets who lately will be his partner too: Miguel Delgado.

2004 (28 years old)

Planeta Sistemas y Operaciones, the technological subsidiary of Espasa Publishing Company, hired him to renovate, manage and configure the network server platform in Madrid. Successfully migrate all machines from RedHat to Gentoo, installs up services, automated backups, alerts and redundancy systems.

Continues working with Jesús and Miguel in the development of the online version of the Encyclopedia Espasa, this time implementing everything between the three of them.

Later this year, the team of three starts to talk about a plan that become into reality on early next year.

2005 (29 years old)

Establish with Jesús Hurtado and Miguel Delgaldo, a software development company: Constela Networks.

2005-2007 (29-31 years old)

He will be responsible for technology department on Constela. Carried out as project manager projects like: Edukiak, Vitra, Pozosfoto.

Here it is a nice blog of the beginning of the development of the project Edukiak.

In addition to further developing tasks as system administrator and senior developer.

In late 2007 Constela is already a team of 8 people without consider the external providers.

2006 (30 years old)

Shut up in his work without the possibility of living away from his responsibilities he decides to move them to another country trying to balance his interest for life with his enthusiasm for work.

Travels to Amsterdam where he continues his work as Director of Technology and Project Manager for Constela while discovering a new city.

2007 (31 years old)

Following his ideal of delocalization travels to India looking for a personal openness and an outsourcing team.

2007 (31 years old)

Constela fulfills its dream launching its first project sponsored by itself:

Fernando Guillén covers the Project Manager requirements for the project until its production stand up.

In late 2007 he attends to the Spanish Rails Conference , just for curiosity, he was very happy with Java, he was very comfortable with this technology, or at less, that was he thought. At the end of the conference something start growing inside him. could be this stupid technology interesting?.

2008 (32 years old)

He starts to fly solo, quit Constela fleeing from the slave world of the entrepreneur and the general costs of tens of thousands of euros per month.

He wants to be happy, looking for funny develop project, enthusiastic people, be part of teams full of dynamism.

Starts the Ruby on Rails period

He start playing with Rails, learning from books, working on experimental projects like: Online Store for HolaPorQue, geoAlertas and The Phone Baptizer every one of them very experimental projects, learning using the trial and error method, not professional stuff.

He decides that if you want to learn just surround yourself with the best, so he convinces the La Coctelara team to permit him to work for them, a few months later he is on charge of very complex and important modules of the core of this platform.

2009 (33 years old)

Turned into a small figure on the Spanish Ruby on Rails scene, he is into the organization team of several RoR related conferences: Spanish Ruby on Rails Conference 2008, EuRuKo 2009 and Spanish Ruby on Rails Conference 2009. Also developing the several web applications for manage the registers and the talks of all of this events.

Proud member of Spanish Ruby User Group and SpainRB

2009 (33 years old)

As part of the La Coctelera's development team he participates in the beginning of development of the cultural recommendation social network Partigi.

2009 (33 years old)

He moves to Majorca with an angel that he meet on some heaven.

2009 (33 years old)

He participates in the Rails Rumble, a crazy, intensive and funny weekend with two Ruby monsters: Raimond García and Felipe Talavera and our indispensable designer Carlos Matallín. They build the prototype of a mailer bot who was able to help in the decision-making process Let's decide us.

2009 (33 years old)

At the end of the year he moves to NYC looking for new transoceanic Ruby community experiences. He makes internship work with several companies and in non-profit projects. One of the projects in which he participates as solo Ruby developer, BookZee, was a prizewinner on the Big Apps NYC web development contest.

He was expending the most of the time in a very especial co-working space in Brooklyn, surrounded by very special entrepreneurs and MIT ex-students.

Trying to make the most of him stay in NYC he attends to one of the open masters in the New York University about RegEx.

2010 (34 years old)

Return back to Majorca, he works in several pet-projects as: jQuery Font Party, iPhone Verb Conjugations, Arduino Phixter Visits, The Kids Art Gallery, Testilia, Dummy Dropbox, Fibber Mailman, Vitreous

He also participates in the open-data initiative Abre Datos, together with the unstoppable Alvaro Ortiz he builds a prototype of a public street webcam hub Los ojos de la ciudad.

In the Euruko 2010 he stars one of the most memorable lighting talks talking about one of his pet project the Ruby game One Of Zombies.

2010 (34 years old)

The winter will be for Berlin. He expends one of his most active and passionate professional time being part of one the fastest growing start-ups of Berlin.

2011 (35 years old)

Again back in Majorca he continues with his open source contributions with Thimbl Client & Thimbl Sinatra and Simplecov Rcov Formatter

He participates in one of the most surprising open source projects of the Ruby community the Ruby Mendicant University and after success in the May course he becomes one of its alumni.

He starts to work hard in a cloud version of one of his pet-projects: the Vitreous Cloud with which he tries to revolutionize the world of personal web page management.