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Fernando Guillén


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El curriculum.

Fernando Guillen's Curriculum

Personal Info

  • Name: Fernando Guillén Suarez
  • Born on: Logroño (La Rioja) España in 1976
  • Actual place of residence: Berlin (Germany)
  • Email: fguillen.mail@gmail(REMOVE-THIS).com

Professional Experience

  • [2007-actual] Professional experience on Ruby and Ruby on Rails development.
  • [2004-2009] Responsible of maintenance of the servers, web services and platform of Planeta Company Group in Madrid.
  • [2002-2008] Professional experience on J2EE web applications development.
  • [2005-2008] Founder Member of the Internet Software Development Firm: Constela Networks.
  • [2005-2008] Technology Director and Project Manager on Constela Networks.

Professional Projects that have been involved

  • [2010-2011] SponsorPay, Monetization platform (Senior Ruby Developer)
  • [2009] LinoEscalera, AdHoc content system manager for a Film Maker web site (Project Manager)
  • [2009-actuality] AdialOffice, Automatic order management for multinational dealer (Project Manager)
  • [2009] Partigi, Social Network for cultural recommendation (Senior Ruby Developer)
  • [2008-2009] La Coctelera, Social Network and blogs platform (Senior Ruby Developer)
  • [2008] Kroonos, Social Network platform (Project Manager)
  • [2008] El Tronco, Framework Development for Social Network platforms management (Project Manager)
  • [2007-2009] Vitra, Centralized Orders Management for a big multi-store company (Project Manager)
  • [2006] Edukiak, CMS adhoc (Project Manager)
  • [2005] Oto, Online Photo Development (Senior J2EE Developer)
  • [2004] GEU, Espasa Encyclopedia online versión (Senior J2EE Developer)
  • [2003-2004] CEAC/Home-English, Online Campus (Junior J2EE Developer)


  • Ruby Development (since 2007)
  • Front End Web Development Technics (since 2007)
    • Ajax
    • JS & jQuery
    • HTML5/CSS3
  • Java Web Development (2002-2008) (outdated)
  • GNU/Linux Systems Server administration (since 2002)
    • Linux services administration level
  • Data Bases (since 2002)
    • Mysql administration level
  • English
    • High level on read/write technical stuff
    • Medium level on conversation
  • Spanish
    • First Language